About Us


About Nordic Grip

Never be afraid of slipping on ice or snow again! Nordic Grip is a leading innovator of fall prevention equipment for use in winter. At Nordic Grip, we are serious about our commitment to help people stay on their feet, and we have created revolutionary equipment for fall prevention that can be used both outdoor and indoor, and both for walking and running.

Our functional and beautiful design combined with the best rubber and most durable spikes or leading anti-slip material make you stay on your feet when walking on ice and snow. Nordic Grip also focuses on functionality, finding solutions for all your different needs through product development. Nordic Grip Easy is the easiest ice grips to take on and off. Nordic Grip Mini is always at hand, stored in a practical box in your pocket, and Nordic Grip Galoshes both protects your nice shoes from water and salt and keep you staying on your feet with both spikes and Icelock anti-slip technology. Nordic Grip cooperate with the best material suppliers globally.

Nordic Grip ice grips, shoes, and other products are available in a variety of stylish designs and colors and are the ideal solutions for people running and walking on ice and snow.


About Unikia

Unikia seeks to crush everyday problems! Our mission is becoming the world’s most innovative development company by making available unique and useful products that solve problems large and small.

Unikia was established early in 2012 and has grown quickly. So far we have developed and launched more than 30 brands and 300 products. Several already enjoy great success. We believe we can develop high quality, functional and aesthetically fabulous products with greater speed, leaner organization and a higher success rate than anyone else.

To achieve our ambition we need to build a team of dedicated and talented people wanting to create extraordinary results and working with the best companies.

Unikia has officies in Oslo, Norway, but work with partners all over the world.

In 2014 Unikia was named most innovative company by NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise) locally, and has gone on to be nominated for most innovative company nationally.